Issue 174: MSI 9500 GT Open GL Issue and Graphics Mode Issue

Reported by Niresh12495, Sep 5, 2011

MSI 9500 GT Problem 
When GraphicsEnabler=Yes Resolution For Display is Fully Gained But 
When Tested on Open GL Extensions Viewer @ Full Screen FPS only 600+ 
While Other Open Gl Enabled Devices Goes UP TO 3500+ FPS. and also
"Graphics Mode"=1920x1080x32 is Not Functioning for This 
Device The Maximum Resolution Gained Was 1280x1024x32
Using HDMI Output

Manufacturer: MSI	
Model: 9500 GT
Interface:	PCI-E
Device Id : 10DE	
Subsystem Id : 1462
Memory Size : 512 MB
Memory Type : DDR2
Core Clock : 550 MHz
Memory Clock : 400 MHz

Comment 1 by Niresh12495, Sep 5, 2011

Here are The Screen Shots

Comment 2 by Cosmosis Jones, Sep 6, 2011

Does NVEnabler work?
Status: AwaitingInformation

Comment 3 by Niresh12495, Sep 6, 2011

NVEnabler is Worse Than GraphicsEnabler=Yes
But it Enable Full Resolution not QE/CI and Very get Stuck When Using

Comment 4 by Niresh12495, Sep 6, 2011

and NVEnabler is Not Triggering Open GL

Comment 5 by Cosmosis Jones, Sep 6, 2011

please attach an IOREG and a bdmesg.

This is probably not just strictly a chameleon thing. you may need 
to set the NVCAP or the display-cfg

also have u tried not using HDMI?

Comment 6 by Niresh12495, Sep 7, 2011

I am Using HDMI

Comment 7 by Cosmosis Jones, May 8, 2012

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