Issue 200: UML or other high level doc on how Chameleon works

Reported by Scott Morgan, Nov 6, 2011


   I am trying to figure out why some of my Hackintosh's have a menu 
for which partition to boot OSX from and some have a loading screen. 
 I think I can fix this in the, but it seems 
like that file would be loaded after you select a partition to boot 
OSX from.
   So I was wondering if anyone had the time to do a high level 
overview doc (UML activity diagram) of how the Chameleon boot loader 
works, something like;

Boot Discovery (Hard Drive)
   Read first Apple_Boot Boot OSX partition
   Discover all HFS partitions
    Boot First HSF partition
    Read from first HSF partition?
   User select HSF partition
   Chameleon loads OSX from the HSF partition and ends

using 2.RC4 revision 684

Comment 1 by armel cadet-petit, Nov 7, 2011

why not ...

It's a good idea, but for now i don't have the time , sorry, maybe 
someone else ??...
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Comment 2 by Evan Lojewski, Nov 7, 2011

Ya it should be done.

For a short term answer. org.chameleon.Boot.plist is always loaded 
from the partition that boot2 (/boot) is loaded from. This happens 
before a partition to boot is selected. After a boot partition is 
selected, it's boot plist is read and some value are overwritten.

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