Issue 305: Don't see all RAM

Reported by Mark Langovoi, Nov 28, 2012

Hello. I have asus n56vz, my friend n76vz. Chameleon find only 3229 

Comment 1 by Mark Langovoi, Nov 28, 2012

If you need any information, talk me.

Comment 2 by Mark Langovoi, Nov 28, 2012

I attach dsdt and report from AIDA64.

Comment 3 by Mark Langovoi, Nov 29, 2012

chameleon (latest from SVN and an another versions) show parameters 
of ram's slots, but use only one slot minus graphic memory (Intel 
HD4000, in bios is parameter for setting how much memory i want)

Comment 4 by Teo Baranga, Dec 1, 2012

I have the exact same problem, but my issue was closed due to 
"no movement" and was marked as invalid. I hope someone 
will give it a bit more attention this time.

Comment 5 by jns 1936, Jan 7, 2013

i can also confirm this same issue on my N76VZ, showing only 3229 Mb 
of ram. it happened both with Chimera v1.11.1 r1394 and with latest 
SVN chameleon
in my case i have 2x8Gb of ram

Comment 6 by jns 1936, Jan 12, 2013

feel free to request any necessary information in order to 
troubleshoot this or please give any pointers as to what to look 
for. i have been looking but was unable to understand how chameleon 
'looks' for the ram memory info.

Comment 7 by jns 1936, Jan 21, 2013

booting with clover bootloader, v2 r980, can successfully see and 
use full 16Gb of ram. going over its preboot.log it seems that it is 
rEFIt the one responsible for this 'success'.

Comment 8 by Cosmosis Jones, Feb 1, 2013

what do u mean can't use all the ram. The ram it shows on teh boot 
screen is purely cosmetic. Once it boots to desktop all ram is 

I have 12 gb.. it works. Is this only an issue with > 12 gb?

The ram it shows on teh boot screen is the video ram ( i think)

if your really wanto to help, attach a bdmesg

Comment 9 by Cosmosis Jones, Feb 1, 2013

Status: AwaitingInformation

Comment 10 by jns 1936, Feb 1, 2013

As I said above not all RAM is available, obviously it is not a 
cosmetic issue. Actually this same issue had already been raised 
here before but the issue was closed. If you go to tonymacx86 or 
insanelymac forums, many of us are reporting this same problem, 
mainly with asus N56/76, G73/4/5...that is why some of us are 
currently using clover bootloader. I tried booting with only 8Gb and 
the problem persists (also with different bios versions).
Please find attached the requested bdmesg output and a screenshot.

Comment 11 by jns 1936, Feb 1, 2013

also, system.log attached

Comment 12 by Mac OSx, Feb 17, 2013

any body can help with clover boot?

Comment 13 by Wang Xi, Apr 29, 2013

Please check issue Id 339

I have the same problem.

But I opened Id 339, and I got how to fix this bug.
Hope author can fix it soon.


Comment 14 by jns 1936, Apr 30, 2013

thanks, wang xi...
i'll check your issue

Comment 15 by ErmaC , May 3, 2013

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