Issue 379: acpi_patcher.c r 2382 onwards won't boot without DropSSDT=Yes

Reported by Alex J, Sep 27, 2014

Everything was fine until the revision 2381. But with the changes 
that Ermac made to the acpi_patcher.c in the revision 2382 my 
computer won't boot without DropSSDT=Yes and I don't use a ssdt, 
because with the oem SSDT my speedstep works.

My temporary solution. compile the newest version of chameleon using 
a acpi_patcher.c from the revision 2381.

Comment 1 by ErmaC , Oct 21, 2014

Status: Accepted

Comment 2 by Bungo, Nov 17, 2014

Hi Alex J,
I'm working on acpi_patcher improvements with better or worse 
results. Can you try trunk r2382 with changes in acpi_patcher.c: 
line 980 rsdt_mod->Length += 4*ssdt_count + 4 - 4*dropoffset; 
change to: rsdt_mod->Length += 4*ssdt_count - 4*dropoffset;
line 1095 xsdt_mod->Length += 8*ssdt_count + 8 - 8*dropoffset; 
change to: xsdt_mod->Length += 8*ssdt_count - 8*dropoffset;
Let me know if it helped or not.


Comment 3 by Bungo, Nov 17, 2014

Hi Alex J,
I was wrong, it's for new_table, sorry

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