Issue 399: Move to GitHub

Reported by disabled disabled, Jun 30, 2015

By switching to GitHub you will get more visibility and 

"Moving FlashDevelop from Google code svn to Github did 
effectively result in a huge increase in code contributions"

"Symfony [...] the switch to GH brought a lot of new 
contributors, tickets & PRs. That was a great move."

"I moved WebPagetest from Google code to Github around a year 
ago. On Google code it was pretty much a ghost town [...] On Github 
there are 29 contributors and 98 forks"

"I remember Walter Bright saying that D's compiler (dmd) had a 
10x increase in contributions after moving to GiHub"

Feedbacks coming from


"There's one thing you have to pay attention to though: 
switching to GH will probably mean every more tickets created and 
more time spend to triage the issues."

Anyway, thanks for this great tool: I use it everyday with love.

Created: 8 years 8 months ago by disabled disabled

Status: New