Issue 9: gma950 msiu100

Reported by smith@@ smith@@, Feb 2, 2010

hi pradesh, i have try the graphicsenabler on my msi u100, but which 
file of the five for gma i can delete?  And the efistring?
With only the framebuffer and the efi i haven't the qe/ci;
with only the framebuffer i have the monitor completely grey..

Thanks ;)

Comment 1 by Pradeesh, Feb 3, 2010

I believe 27AE is commented. Anyway I'll be including a patcher. The 
framebuffer for 27AE has to be patched

Comment 2 by Andy Vandijck, Feb 7, 2010

The card ID needs to be change in the framebuffer kext.
The card ID also needs to be changed in the Info.plist.
That in combination with the new graphicsenabler for GMA should 
(27A2 -> 27AE...)

Comment 3 by Pradeesh, Feb 8, 2010

Got it , @Andy 

I'll bei ncluding a script. Maybe we should bundle it 
together with the branch. It would easier unless you have another 
suggestion up your mind

Comment 4 by Andy Vandijck, Feb 12, 2010

I've done fixing of both the IOFramebuffer as well as the 
I currently have the same card (0x27AE8086).
This package will give you resolution support as well as Core Image, 
Quartz Extreme and OpenGL...
You need Mac OS X 10.6.2 for this...
Follow the "howto install" file...

Comment 5 by smith@@ smith@@, Feb 12, 2010

works great ;)

Comment 6 by Andy Vandijck, Feb 17, 2010

@ Prasys:
It's not enough to just change the ID in the plist.
The byte in the binary also needs patching.
This should work for most cards as long as a compatible ID is 
Like 0x25828086 -> 0x25928086
In binary (very simple to create a patcher using a character 
86808225 -> 86809225

For 27AE it comes from 27A2 etc...
So it should read the binary to memory, look for those id's which 
resemble the current card most (check for device id, select most 
compatible one), and replace each instance of the id, write file 
back from memory as last point.
This needs to be done for AppleIntelIntegratedFramebuffer as well as 
Rest of the depending plugins = OK...

Comment 7 by Cosmosis Jones, Jun 2, 2011

Status: Accepted
Owner: meklort

Comment 8 by Evan Lojewski, Jul 10, 2011

I've added the gma enabler code to trunk (revision 1140).  Do note 
that for non apple dev ids, a binary patch is still required.
Status: Fixed

Comment 9 by mano ranjan, Jul 10, 2011

hi chameleon team.
I need your help get qe/cl for i5 460 m.
its working now nvidia.kexts.
I remove intelgraphics kexts.
0x00468086&0xffe0ffff 0x00448086&0xffe0ffff

I add NVDAGF100Hal.kext and GeForce.kext
My System working good kexts are loading verywill.
Can you add thid id your boot file ple...
More info see hire

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