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tree artwork 10 years 7 months 492 blackosx: increased theme.plist infobox_width from 650 to 660 to accommodate revised line length in boothelp.txt
tree Chameleon.xcodeproj 9 years 11 months 760 mozodojo: Added UseKernelCache (=No, by default) in boot.plist or command line option. UseKernelCache=Yes will load pre-linked kernel and will ignore E/E and S/L/E/Extensions.mkext.
tree doc 9 years 9 months 1139 cparm: doc update
tree i386 9 years 9 months 1136 cparm: re-enabled internal udivdi3, thank to StephN666
tree package 10 years 7 months 487 blackosx: Updated /package/Resources with bulgarian language translation files from rednous.
blob APPLE_LICENSE 11 years 3 months 1 zef: Created base layout and initial import to trunk using r687. 19.83 kB
blob CHANGES 9 years 9 months 1119 cparm: second try, i hope that this time it will not delete the trunk. 7.15 kB
blob coding_standards.txt 11 years 3 months 23 rekursor: Merged modifications from my branch to trunk as requested by Zef. This includes asere patch with few modifications /bug fixes. Included JrCs coding standard name convention change. See CHANGES file for details. 2.62 kB
blob CREDITS 9 years 11 months 789 cparm: first commit 396 bytes
blob Makefile 9 years 11 months 789 cparm: first commit 3.79 kB
blob README 9 years 11 months 789 cparm: first commit 127 bytes
blob TODO 9 years 11 months 789 cparm: first commit 335 bytes
blob version 10 years 10 months 166 zef: The user can override the default theme using the "Theme" key when the booter was built with "embedtheme" switch. 7 bytes

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