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tree Chazi 8 years 10 months 1093 azimutz: Disable some verbose.
tree trunkAutoResolution 8 years 10 months 1096 azimutz: Sync these two with trunk (r1095).
tree trunkGraphicsEnablerModules 8 years 10 months 1146 azimutz: Sync with trunk (r1145). Add nVidia dev id's, 0DF4 for "GeForce GT 450M" (issue 99) and 1251 for "GeForce GTX 560M" (thanks to oSxFr33k for testing).
blob BRANCH_README.txt 8 years 11 months 964 azimutz: Adding BRANCH/FOLDER_README.txt to the branch and sub folders. 129 bytes

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