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2Chameleon System Preferences panel
3by rekursor 1/17/2010
6How to Install:
7 Double click on the panel file to install the resource
10 The persistent configuration file is a all users level preferences property list
11 located in In /Library/Preferences/com.chameleon.prefPane.plist.
13 The swap disk fix option might be use if your disk order from chameleon is different
14 from what diskutil list returns.
15 Ideally we should not need this fix, but as for now, I don't know another way to do it
17 In /Library/Preferences/com.chameleon.prefPane.plist:
18 you can insert a 'forceBootConfigPath' key with your,plist file path:
19 So if automatic detection does not work, then force your path here.
21 Freeze Partitions (lock the partition list and prevent autodetection to happen)
22 You can also decide to freeze the partitions to prevent automatic detection,
23 if disk order is not matching after the boot or if you don't want the list to change
24 each time that a usb key is inserted, then use this feature.
25 For it to work, you will need first to click on:
26 Settings/Boot Selector Fixes/Inject Parts In Freeze File
27 Then all your automatically detected current partitions are injected in the pref. file,
28 all you need to do is to manually edit them to change their disk id/partition id
29 (2 first parameters in the pref. file under the partitionList key)
32 If the panel sees your in the status box, but the boot selection
33 seem to have no effect, it might be that you have more than one bootConfig file
34 and that the chameleon booter does not load the one that the panel selected,
35 see upper to force the bootConfig to match the one loaded by the chameleon booter.

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