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Source at commit 1985 created 8 years 8 months ago.
By ifabio, Added nVidia process sub-dev ids. more info:
tree andyvand 10 years 9 months 142 andyvand:
tree autoResolution 10 years 11 months 137 diebuche: verbose -> PRINT, new autores_dbg make option
tree azimutz 9 years 5 months 1541 azimutz: Sync with trunk (r1539).
tree blackosx 8 years 11 months 1839 blackosx: update header of perl script with url of readonly google spreadsheet. Add 'fix me' note in to buildresources() that the textutil conversion process yields different unicode markup in Snow Leopard as it does in Lion - as a result running on SL will give incorrect results.
tree Chimera 8 years 8 months 1982 macman: Corrected some NVIDIA incorrect device names and cleaned up some code for readability and formatting.
tree cparm 8 years 8 months 1984 cparm: implemented snprintf and __doprnt, bug fix in device_inject.c
tree danielkza 10 years 5 months 447 danielkza:
tree ErmaC 8 years 8 months 1985 ifabio: Added nVidia process sub-dev ids. more info:
tree JrCs 8 years 11 months 1862 pootle: Commit from Pootle by user JrCs.: 79 of 181 messages translated (3 fuzzy).
tree Kabyl 9 years 11 months 748 Kabyl: Fix a bug when manually setting a AtiConfig (thanks to bcc9)
tree mozodojo 9 years 6 months 1233 mozodojo: Boot from software Raid0 volumes fix for Lion
tree prasys 11 years 21 days 65 prasys: Updated ati stuff from netkas' PC_EFI 10.6 (merged his changes of adding support for Radeon 4300 , 4600 series )
tree rekursor 9 years 3 months 1698 rekursor: merged back from trunk
tree slice 9 years 6 months 1291 slice: SMBIOS corrections
tree valv 10 years 1 month 709 valv: defaulting kernel_patcher to disabled, autoresolution rework (Thanks Azi), NoCores & minor fixes
tree zef 9 years 6 months 1453 zef:

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