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1- Added automatic SMBusspeed detection for lga1156 core i5/7 cpus
2- Added new iMac11,1 sbios default model for lga1156 core i5/17 mobos
3- md0 code. Notified xnu when an md ramdisk is specified
4- Added rollover image support for selected device icons.
5 Use device_<type>_o.png in theme folder. Credits goes to Blackosx.
6- Revisited theme resource embedding. Using the device_<type> icons are optional with
7 the exception of device_generic.
8- Optimized memory detection speed
9- Added displaying source device and partition number for file read operations.
10- Increased boot2's maximum size from 383.5k to 447.5k.
11 Updated stage 1 loaders for handling the new size limit.
12- Added alternate format for setting the default partition. The user can specify the selected
13 volume UUID for the "Default Partition" key.
14- Implemented SPD memory automatic detection and injection,seems to work really great ...
15- Factorized code to prepare a dynamic memory detection algorithm ...
16- Optimized smbios table address search
17- Optimized cursor spinout in textmode if no verbose mode is set
18- Added ram table structures definitions
19- Added getSmbios() a param permitting to select between orig and new smbios entries
20- Changed "Default Partition" behavior to accept only native system volumes or foreign partitions.
21- Added NVIDIA new NVCAP customization support and support for ION gfx cards from aserebln
22- Added ATI new framebuffers support and new cards from PCEFI10.6
23- improved ACPI file search algo by implementing a cache.
24- Nvidia injection fix
25- pciroot would not always return correct uuid in autodection mode
26- Fixed the hibernation problem in boot2/resume.c
27- Fixed all new booter versions with SystemType would override the facp value even if correct,
28 now keeps the facp value if correct and no override has been done, implemented a best effort algo.
29 for maximizing the chance to get the most correct value before we decide to use a fixed value (1=desktop)
30- Fixed display cosmetics of UUID, now a convert.c file contains all
31 conversions api, to be completed by function that we should reuse.
33- Fixed SystemType would be always forced to a value, now optionally changed
34 only if overriden
35- Kept SystemID as the only option to change manually the system-id
36 For theses reasons, SystemId from bootConfig and SMUUID from smbiosConfig are now DEPRECATED.
38- Integrated JrCs fadt patch (kept for RC5 the existing DSDT.aml retry algo that disappeared in his patch, should be more discussed for RC6)
39- Added JrCs modified convention name change to coding_standards
40- Now malloc (ex. MALLOC in Asere patch) is renamed malloc(size) and is an alias
41 to safe_malloc(size, file, line) with _FILE_ and _LINE_ preprocessor definitions
42- Added a new 'Rename Partition Feature', now permitting to rename partition
43 like 'System reserved' to a more meaningful name
44- Added SystemID option permitting to change the System UUID to a fixed value.
45- Added the PciRoot autodetection feature imported from pcefi10.5
46- Added automatic "system-id" injection from dmi bios, also compatible
47 with SystemID boot option and former SMUUID from smbios,plist
48- Added "system-type' automatic injection (1=Desktop) plus override possibility
49 with the new system-type option in bootConfig
50- Added SMserial and SMproductname new options for smbios.plist
51- Merged with asere patch, while keeping my fake_efi.c changes, and adding a new
52 stringForKey() API, also changed the DT__XXXX() set of functions
53 to handle const char * values instead of char*.

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