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Source at commit 484 created 9 years 11 months ago.
By azimutz, Doc edit; more Modules info.
tree andyvand 10 years 2 months 142 andyvand:
tree autoResolution 10 years 4 months 137 diebuche: verbose -> PRINT, new autores_dbg make option
tree azimutz 9 years 11 months 484 azimutz: Doc edit; more Modules info.
tree blackosx 9 years 11 months 393 blackosx: Updated default theme.
tree danielkza 9 years 11 months 447 danielkza:
tree JrCs 10 years 4 months 126 jrcs: Removed ascii_hex_to_int() using strtoul instead
tree Kabyl 9 years 11 months 443 Kabyl: In some cases the SMBIOS reports a wrong number of memory slots, fix that by counting memory devices found in the SMBIOS table. Search for up to 12 slots (6 per CPU in a DP system). Merged changes from trunk@438
tree meklort 9 years 11 months 482 meklort: Modified macho parser to handle 64bit files properly (untested). Modified module hooks to be a sorted linked list for now, I may convert to a faster search later on. I should now be able to add 64bit support to the kernel patcher.
tree mozodojo 10 years 9 days 238 mozodojo: Merged Rekursor's changes
tree prasys 10 years 5 months 65 prasys: Updated ati stuff from netkas' PC_EFI 10.6 (merged his changes of adding support for Radeon 4300 , 4600 series )
tree rekursor 10 years 5 months 108 rekursor: Recreated my branch for more non trivial changes.
tree valv 10 years 21 days 178 valv: forgot to add cparm to credits file. sorry
tree zef 10 years 8 days 253 zef: Renamed getDeviceStringFromBVR() to getDeviceDescription() and always initializing the output string.

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