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blob 11 years 3 months 1013 azimutz: I know i called "useless" to these properties on r994; bad choice of words due to frustration. Anyway, there were a few files with wrong properties, like "executable" set to a .rtf file. Set svn:executable property to all .sh files and fdisk440. 634 bytes
blob boot1f32.s 12 years 2 months 186 zef: Increased boot2's maximum size from 383.5k to 447.5k. Updated stage 1 loaders for handling the new size limit. Fixed typo in smbios_patcher. 14.37 kB
blob boot1h.s 11 years 2 months 1153 azimutz: Add warnings about boot0 and boot1h compilation errors, with debug enabled. 35.95 kB
blob boot1he.s 11 years 4 months 902 meklort: Fixed %if VERBOSE location in boot1he.s 38.15 kB
blob boot1hp.s 12 years 8 months 1 zef: Created base layout and initial import to trunk using r687. 17.41 kB
blob Cconfig 11 years 2 months 1154 azimutz: Cconfig edits. 950 bytes
blob Makefile 11 years 1 month 1504 jrcs: Update and fix Makefiles 969 bytes

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