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2 * Copyright (c) 2000-2003 Apple Computer, Inc. All rights reserved.
3 *
5 *
6 * Portions Copyright (c) 1999-2003 Apple Computer, Inc. All Rights
7 * Reserved. This file contains Original Code and/or Modifications of
8 * Original Code as defined in and that are subject to the Apple Public
9 * Source License Version 2.0 (the "License"). You may not use this file
10 * except in compliance with the License. Please obtain a copy of the
11 * License at and read it before using
12 * this file.
13 *
14 * The Original Code and all software distributed under the License are
15 * distributed on an "AS IS" basis, WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EITHER
19 * License for the specific language governing rights and limitations
20 * under the License.
21 *
23 */
25 * appleboot.h - Apple logo shown durring boot
26 *
27 * Copyright (c) 2002 Apple Computer, Inc.
28 *
29 * DRI: Josh de Cesare
30 */
32#define kAppleBootWidth(128)
33#define kAppleBootHeight(128)
34#define kAppleBootOffset(0)
35#define kAppleBootFrames(1)
36#define kAppleBootFPS(0)
37#define kAppleBootRLEBlocks (686)
39// The original data was 16K in size (128x128) and would make the booter
40// cross a 64K segment boundary. boot0 cannot load more than 127 sectors
41// without changes. To eiminate that complexity, the data was run length
42// encoded to save space. The reduced size is 1372 bytes.
44const unsigned char gAppleBootPictRLE[] =
46 0xff, 0x01, 0xff, 0x01, 0xff, 0x01, 0x50, 0x01, 0x01, 0x02, 0x01, 0x17,
47 0x01, 0x34, 0x01, 0x47, 0x03, 0x50, 0x01, 0x13, 0x76, 0x01, 0x01, 0x03,
48 0x01, 0x20, 0x01, 0x40, 0x06, 0x50, 0x01, 0x13, 0x75, 0x01, 0x01, 0x1a,
49 0x01, 0x42, 0x07, 0x50, 0x01, 0xfa, 0x01, 0x0a, 0x73, 0x01, 0x01, 0x07,
50 0x01, 0x34, 0x09, 0x50, 0x01, 0x43, 0x01, 0x02, 0x72, 0x01, 0x01, 0x0e,
51 0x01, 0x43, 0x0a, 0x50, 0x01, 0x36, 0x72, 0x01, 0x01, 0x14, 0x01, 0x4a,
52 0x0b, 0x50, 0x01, 0x20, 0x71, 0x01, 0x01, 0x12, 0x01, 0x4b, 0x0b, 0x50,
53 0x01, 0x4d, 0x01, 0x0b, 0x70, 0x01, 0x01, 0x0b, 0x01, 0x48, 0x0c, 0x50,
54 0x01, 0xf9, 0x70, 0x01, 0x01, 0x03, 0x01, 0x3e, 0x0d, 0x50, 0x01, 0x1f,
55 0x70, 0x01, 0x01, 0x2f, 0x0d, 0x50, 0x01, 0x48, 0x01, 0x06, 0x6f, 0x01,
56 0x01, 0x15, 0x01, 0x4f, 0x0d, 0x50, 0x01, 0x27, 0x6f, 0x01, 0x01, 0x02,
57 0x01, 0x3f, 0x0d, 0x50, 0x01, 0x45, 0x01, 0xf7, 0x6f, 0x01, 0x01, 0x1d,
58 0x0e, 0x50, 0x01, 0x19, 0x6f, 0x01, 0x01, 0x02, 0x01, 0x40, 0x0d, 0x50,
59 0x01, 0x2f, 0x70, 0x01, 0x01, 0x15, 0x0d, 0x50, 0x01, 0x3b, 0x01, 0x03,
60 0x70, 0x01, 0x01, 0x34, 0x0c, 0x50, 0x01, 0x3f, 0x01, 0x07, 0x70, 0x01,
61 0x01, 0xf7, 0x01, 0x47, 0x0b, 0x50, 0x01, 0xf9, 0x01, 0x07, 0x71, 0x01,
62 0x01, 0x14, 0x0b, 0x50, 0x01, 0x36, 0x01, 0xf7, 0x72, 0x01, 0x01, 0x24,
63 0x09, 0x50, 0x01, 0x4d, 0x01, 0x28, 0x74, 0x01, 0x01, 0x33, 0x08, 0x50,
64 0x01, 0x3f, 0x01, 0x14, 0x75, 0x01, 0x01, 0x3a, 0x06, 0x50, 0x01, 0x41,
65 0x01, 0x1f, 0x01, 0x02, 0x76, 0x01, 0x01, 0x3a, 0x03, 0x50, 0x01, 0x48,
66 0x01, 0x35, 0x01, 0x17, 0x01, 0x02, 0x78, 0x01, 0x01, 0x15, 0x01, 0x33,
67 0x01, 0x27, 0x01, 0x15, 0x01, 0xf7, 0x67, 0x01, 0x01, 0x02, 0x01, 0x08,
68 0x01, 0x0e, 0x01, 0x13, 0x01, 0x14, 0x01, 0x12, 0x01, 0x0d, 0x01, 0x06,
69 0x01, 0x02, 0x1c, 0x01, 0x01, 0x04, 0x01, 0x0b, 0x01, 0x12, 0x01, 0x17,
70 0x01, 0x19, 0x01, 0x15, 0x01, 0x11, 0x01, 0x08, 0x01, 0x02, 0x4e, 0x01,
71 0x01, 0x02, 0x01, 0x11, 0x01, 0x26, 0x01, 0x39, 0x01, 0x44, 0x01, 0x4c,
72 0x01, 0x4f, 0x02, 0x50, 0x01, 0x4f, 0x01, 0x4d, 0x01, 0x4a, 0x01, 0x3f,
73 0x01, 0x31, 0x01, 0x19, 0x01, 0xf7, 0x15, 0x01, 0x01, 0x0b, 0x01, 0x1c,
74 0x01, 0x2e, 0x01, 0xf9, 0x01, 0x46, 0x01, 0x4d, 0x04, 0x50, 0x01, 0x4f,
75 0x01, 0x4b, 0x01, 0x42, 0x01, 0x34, 0x01, 0x1f, 0x01, 0x0a, 0x49, 0x01,
76 0x01, 0xf7, 0x01, 0x21, 0x01, 0x3f, 0x01, 0x4f, 0x0d, 0x50, 0x01, 0x47,
77 0x01, 0x2d, 0x01, 0x0d, 0x10, 0x01, 0x01, 0x0d, 0x01, 0x25, 0x01, 0x3d,
78 0x01, 0xfa, 0x0e, 0x50, 0x01, 0x4c, 0x01, 0x37, 0x01, 0x15, 0x45, 0x01,
79 0x01, 0x04, 0x01, 0x25, 0x01, 0x45, 0x12, 0x50, 0x01, 0x4d, 0x01, 0x39,
80 0x01, 0x19, 0x01, 0x02, 0x0a, 0x01, 0x01, 0x09, 0x01, 0x21, 0x01, 0xf9,
81 0x01, 0x4d, 0x14, 0x50, 0x01, 0xf9, 0x01, 0x15, 0x42, 0x01, 0x01, 0x17,
82 0x01, 0x42, 0x17, 0x50, 0x01, 0x42, 0x01, 0x27, 0x01, 0x0e, 0x01, 0x02,
83 0x03, 0x01, 0x01, 0x02, 0x01, 0x0b, 0x01, 0x1f, 0x01, 0x38, 0x01, 0x4b,
84 0x19, 0x50, 0x01, 0x33, 0x01, 0x06, 0x3e, 0x01, 0x01, 0x03, 0x01, 0x2e,
85 0x1b, 0x50, 0x01, 0x4d, 0x01, 0x43, 0x01, 0x3a, 0x01, 0x37, 0x01, 0x3a,
86 0x01, 0x42, 0x01, 0x4d, 0x1d, 0x50, 0x01, 0x42, 0x01, 0x0e, 0x3c, 0x01,
87 0x01, 0x0a, 0x01, 0xf9, 0x41, 0x50, 0x01, 0x48, 0x01, 0x13, 0x3a, 0x01,
88 0x01, 0x0d, 0x01, 0x45, 0x43, 0x50, 0x01, 0x4b, 0x01, 0x12, 0x38, 0x01,
89 0x01, 0x10, 0x01, 0x48, 0x45, 0x50, 0x01, 0x48, 0x01, 0x0b, 0x36, 0x01,
90 0x01, 0x0c, 0x01, 0x48, 0x47, 0x50, 0x01, 0x3d, 0x01, 0x03, 0x34, 0x01,
91 0x01, 0x07, 0x01, 0x42, 0x49, 0x50, 0x01, 0x21, 0x34, 0x01, 0x01, 0x37,
92 0x49, 0x50, 0x01, 0x42, 0x01, 0x12, 0x33, 0x01, 0x01, 0x22, 0x49, 0x50,
93 0x01, 0x34, 0x01, 0xf7, 0x33, 0x01, 0x01, 0x0b, 0x01, 0x4b, 0x48, 0x50,
94 0x01, 0x2c, 0x35, 0x01, 0x01, 0x36, 0x48, 0x50, 0x01, 0x29, 0x35, 0x01,
95 0x01, 0x11, 0x01, 0x4f, 0x47, 0x50, 0x01, 0x2e, 0x36, 0x01, 0x01, 0x36,
96 0x47, 0x50, 0x01, 0x3a, 0x01, 0x02, 0x35, 0x01, 0x01, 0x0b, 0x01, 0xfa,
97 0x46, 0x50, 0x01, 0x46, 0x01, 0x08, 0x36, 0x01, 0x01, 0x26, 0x46, 0x50,
98 0x01, 0x4e, 0x01, 0x15, 0x36, 0x01, 0x01, 0x02, 0x01, 0x40, 0x46, 0x50,
99 0x01, 0x31, 0x37, 0x01, 0x01, 0x0e, 0x01, 0x4e, 0x45, 0x50, 0x01, 0x49,
100 0x01, 0x08, 0x37, 0x01, 0x01, 0x25, 0x46, 0x50, 0x01, 0x29, 0x38, 0x01,
101 0x01, 0x39, 0x45, 0x50, 0x01, 0x4c, 0x01, 0x0a, 0x37, 0x01, 0x01, 0xf7,
102 0x01, 0x47, 0x45, 0x50, 0x01, 0x3a, 0x38, 0x01, 0x01, 0x10, 0x01, 0x4f,
103 0x45, 0x50, 0x01, 0x22, 0x38, 0x01, 0x01, 0x1d, 0x46, 0x50, 0x01, 0x12,
104 0x38, 0x01, 0x01, 0x29, 0x45, 0x50, 0x01, 0x4b, 0x01, 0x07, 0x38, 0x01,
105 0x01, 0x36, 0x45, 0x50, 0x01, 0x42, 0x01, 0x02, 0x38, 0x01, 0x01, 0xf9,
106 0x45, 0x50, 0x01, 0x3e, 0x39, 0x01, 0x01, 0x42, 0x45, 0x50, 0x01, 0x3c,
107 0x39, 0x01, 0x01, 0x46, 0x45, 0x50, 0x01, 0x3b, 0x39, 0x01, 0x01, 0x48,
108 0x45, 0x50, 0x01, 0xf9, 0x39, 0x01, 0x01, 0x48, 0x45, 0x50, 0x01, 0x3f,
109 0x01, 0x02, 0x38, 0x01, 0x01, 0x46, 0x45, 0x50, 0x01, 0x48, 0x01, 0xf7,
110 0x38, 0x01, 0x01, 0x43, 0x45, 0x50, 0x01, 0x4e, 0x01, 0x0e, 0x38, 0x01,
111 0x01, 0x3f, 0x46, 0x50, 0x01, 0x1c, 0x38, 0x01, 0x01, 0x3a, 0x46, 0x50,
112 0x01, 0x33, 0x38, 0x01, 0x01, 0x34, 0x46, 0x50, 0x01, 0x46, 0x01, 0x04,
113 0x37, 0x01, 0x01, 0x2c, 0x47, 0x50, 0x01, 0x19, 0x37, 0x01, 0x01, 0x1f,
114 0x47, 0x50, 0x01, 0x3a, 0x37, 0x01, 0x01, 0x15, 0x47, 0x50, 0x01, 0x4e,
115 0x01, 0x11, 0x36, 0x01, 0x01, 0x0a, 0x01, 0xfa, 0x47, 0x50, 0x01, 0x37,
116 0x36, 0x01, 0x01, 0x02, 0x01, 0x42, 0x47, 0x50, 0x01, 0x4f, 0x01, 0x15,
117 0x36, 0x01, 0x01, 0x37, 0x48, 0x50, 0x01, 0x42, 0x01, 0x04, 0x35, 0x01,
118 0x01, 0x25, 0x49, 0x50, 0x01, 0x2c, 0x35, 0x01, 0x01, 0x13, 0x49, 0x50,
119 0x01, 0x4e, 0x01, 0x15, 0x34, 0x01, 0x01, 0xf7, 0x01, 0x47, 0x49, 0x50,
120 0x01, 0x48, 0x01, 0x0b, 0x34, 0x01, 0x01, 0x37, 0x4a, 0x50, 0x01, 0x44,
121 0x01, 0x0a, 0x33, 0x01, 0x01, 0x1f, 0x4b, 0x50, 0x01, 0x44, 0x01, 0x0d,
122 0x32, 0x01, 0x01, 0x0a, 0x01, 0xfa, 0x4b, 0x50, 0x01, 0x48, 0x01, 0x17,
123 0x32, 0x01, 0x01, 0x3a, 0x4c, 0x50, 0x01, 0x4f, 0x01, 0x2c, 0x01, 0x04,
124 0x30, 0x01, 0x01, 0x1f, 0x4e, 0x50, 0x01, 0x41, 0x01, 0x19, 0x2f, 0x01,
125 0x01, 0x07, 0x01, 0x4a, 0x4e, 0x50, 0x01, 0x44, 0x30, 0x01, 0x01, 0x33,
126 0x4e, 0x50, 0x01, 0x36, 0x30, 0x01, 0x01, 0x14, 0x4e, 0x50, 0x01, 0x1f,
127 0x30, 0x01, 0x01, 0x02, 0x01, 0x3f, 0x4c, 0x50, 0x01, 0x4d, 0x01, 0x0b,
128 0x31, 0x01, 0x01, 0x1e, 0x4c, 0x50, 0x01, 0x3c, 0x32, 0x01, 0x01, 0x04,
129 0x01, 0x44, 0x4b, 0x50, 0x01, 0x20, 0x33, 0x01, 0x01, 0x20, 0x4a, 0x50,
130 0x01, 0x4a, 0x01, 0x07, 0x33, 0x01, 0x01, 0x04, 0x01, 0x43, 0x49, 0x50,
131 0x01, 0x30, 0x35, 0x01, 0x01, 0x1c, 0x48, 0x50, 0x01, 0x4d, 0x01, 0x0e,
132 0x35, 0x01, 0x01, 0x02, 0x01, 0x3e, 0x47, 0x50, 0x01, 0x36, 0x37, 0x01,
133 0x01, 0x14, 0x01, 0x4f, 0x45, 0x50, 0x01, 0x4d, 0x01, 0x0e, 0x38, 0x01,
134 0x01, 0x32, 0x45, 0x50, 0x01, 0x33, 0x39, 0x01, 0x01, 0x07, 0x01, 0x47,
135 0x43, 0x50, 0x01, 0x4b, 0x01, 0x0b, 0x3a, 0x01, 0x01, 0x1c, 0x43, 0x50,
136 0x01, 0x26, 0x3c, 0x01, 0x01, 0x37, 0x41, 0x50, 0x01, 0x41, 0x01, 0x04,
137 0x3c, 0x01, 0x01, 0x08, 0x01, 0x48, 0x3f, 0x50, 0x01, 0x4e, 0x01, 0x13,
138 0x3e, 0x01, 0x01, 0x19, 0x3f, 0x50, 0x01, 0x2d, 0x40, 0x01, 0x01, 0x2e,
139 0x3d, 0x50, 0x01, 0x3f, 0x01, 0x03, 0x40, 0x01, 0x01, 0x03, 0x01, 0xf9,
140 0x3b, 0x50, 0x01, 0x4a, 0x01, 0x0d, 0x42, 0x01, 0x01, 0x09, 0x01, 0x46,
141 0x39, 0x50, 0x01, 0x4e, 0x01, 0x19, 0x44, 0x01, 0x01, 0x11, 0x01, 0x4b,
142 0x38, 0x50, 0x01, 0x25, 0x46, 0x01, 0x01, 0x17, 0x01, 0x4d, 0x36, 0x50,
143 0x01, 0x2e, 0x48, 0x01, 0x01, 0x1b, 0x01, 0x4d, 0x34, 0x50, 0x01, 0x31,
144 0x4a, 0x01, 0x01, 0x17, 0x01, 0x4a, 0x14, 0x50, 0x01, 0x4d, 0x01, 0x44,
145 0x01, 0x3b, 0x01, 0x34, 0x01, 0x2e, 0x01, 0x2c, 0x01, 0x2e, 0x01, 0x35,
146 0x01, 0x3e, 0x01, 0x4a, 0x14, 0x50, 0x01, 0x2e, 0x4c, 0x01, 0x01, 0x0e,
147 0x01, 0x41, 0x10, 0x50, 0x01, 0x4a, 0x01, 0x37, 0x01, 0x1f, 0x01, 0x0c,
148 0x01, 0x03, 0x07, 0x01, 0x01, 0x06, 0x01, 0x15, 0x01, 0x2d, 0x01, 0x41,
149 0x0f, 0x50, 0x01, 0x4a, 0x01, 0x1f, 0x4e, 0x01, 0x01, 0xf7, 0x01, 0x2e,
150 0x01, 0xfa, 0x0b, 0x50, 0x01, 0x4f, 0x01, 0xf9, 0x01, 0x1e, 0x01, 0x07,
151 0x0e, 0x01, 0x01, 0x02, 0x01, 0x14, 0x01, 0x31, 0x01, 0x48, 0x0b, 0x50,
152 0x01, 0x37, 0x01, 0x0c, 0x51, 0x01, 0x01, 0x0d, 0x01, 0x2f, 0x01, 0x45,
153 0x01, 0x4f, 0x05, 0x50, 0x01, 0x4f, 0x01, 0x43, 0x01, 0x2e, 0x01, 0x11,
154 0x14, 0x01, 0x01, 0x07, 0x01, 0x1f, 0x01, 0x3c, 0x01, 0x4c, 0x04, 0x50,
155 0x01, 0x4f, 0x01, 0x46, 0x01, 0x33, 0x01, 0x13, 0x55, 0x01, 0x01, 0x04,
156 0x01, 0x12, 0x01, 0x1f, 0x01, 0x26, 0x01, 0x28, 0x01, 0x26, 0x01, 0x1e,
157 0x01, 0x10, 0x01, 0x02, 0x19, 0x01, 0x01, 0x09, 0x01, 0x16, 0x01, 0x1e,
158 0x01, 0x1f, 0x01, 0x1c, 0x01, 0x11, 0x01, 0x04, 0xff, 0x01, 0xff, 0x01,
159 0xff, 0x01, 0xff, 0x01, 0xff, 0x01, 0xff, 0x01, 0xff, 0x01, 0xff, 0x01,
160 0xff, 0x01, 0xb3, 0x01

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