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1- Add option to upgrade an existing install - or more exactly, merge newly selected options with an existing /Extra folder. Also, rename an existing /Extra/ to /Extra/org.chameleon.Boot.plist.
3- Change the layout/wording displayed in the installer (English only) and give it a facelift. Adjust background image to scale to fit in the window.
5- Set exclusive 'None' option to default choice.
7- Add code to detect and make necessary changes to avoid possibility of a b1f:error or boot1:error should the user decide to install a secondary boot partition.
9- Fix bug installing to /Volumes/EFI
11- Add crazybirdy's Chinese translation to zh-CN and zh-TW resources.
13- Add dmaazar's boot0workV2 changes to ../i386/boot0/boot0md.s.
15- Added check for an existing Chameleon installation on a different partition of same target disk to help stop new
16users from confusing themselves. If found, the install process will exit and write the reason to the install log.
18- Re-organised Scripts folder in to Main and Sub scripts. The main scripts for the standard and EFI system partition
19installation options have been changed to used the code that I'd previously re-structured. The Sub scripts are the
20original chameleon installer scripts with maybe some tweaks/additions, split in to separate scripts. These scripts
21include the previous additions I'd made including checking for FAT16 partitions, installing boot0md or boot0 depending
22on whether or not a Windows installation is found and writing boot1h or boot1f32 depending on installing to HFS or
23FAT32 format partitions.
25- All references of Boot0hfs removed and now replaced with Boot0md.
27- Installer log added to now dump a log of useful info about the install process to the root of the selected target.
29- Boot options re-thought and are now automatically created at compile time from simple lists, rather than manage a
30separate file of code of each option.
32- Added missing useKernelCache boot option.
34- Easily enable a list to be exclusive or not.
36- The main Post script now creates the org.chameleon.Boot.plist based on the modules / options / key layouts / themes
37selected by the user.
39- Only create and /Extra folder if there's something to go in it.
41- Backup an existing /Extra folder to /Extra-OLD(date & time).
43- changed to match the revised code in where applicable.
45- English Localizable.strings revised to match latest additions and some texts updated.

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