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tree boot0 6 years 10 months 2507 ifabio: Replace boot0 with boot0xg(1.0.3). Now boot0xg has all features of previous boot0 + recognize exFAT on MBR marked active + recognize exFAT+FAT32 on GPT typed as "Microsoft basic data". ( )
tree boot1 6 years 10 months 2496 ifabio: Completed patch for ExFAT support :
tree boot2 3 years 6 days 2921 ifabio: CsrConfig verbose display cosmetic change (Credits to MinusZwei)
tree cdboot 4 years 2 months 2899 ifabio: sync with latest Enoch changes
tree config 4 years 6 months 2858 ifabio: Set macro definition (config.h)
tree doc 10 years 4 months 897 azimutz: "Small" clean up: typos and white space. Thanks to Fabio, for collecting many of these from the branches into a patch.
tree include 5 years 11 months 2783 ifabio: New nVidia and ATi cards IDs, general typo.
tree klibc 7 years 8 hours 2408 ifabio: - Temp disable klibc module, silence output, add --no-print-directory, replace \t with tab.
tree libsa 4 years 3 months 2887 ifabio: sync main Chameleon trunk with latest Enoch branch changes (r2886)
tree libsaio 3 years 6 days 2920 ifabio: typo
tree modules 3 years 9 months 2905 ifabio: Fix ordered comparison between pointer and zero into uClibcxx module
tree util 5 years 4 months 2832 ifabio: Add Sierra GUI icons detection. (gui.c)
blob Cconfig 7 years 23 days 2398 ifabio: Optimization Level. 332 bytes
blob Makefile 8 years 11 months 2090 meklort: Enable clang compilation. Migrate to ld. Remove use gcc option. remove md. remove _nodep rules. Remove ld_classic. 680 bytes

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