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Issue 11: Rename Partition Feature

Reported by blackosx, Feb 7, 2010

Hi Guys,

I am using pref pane v2.0.0 RC4 and Chameleon v2 RC5 pre-release v8.

I love the rename partition feature of the latest Chameleon and make 
use of it in your fantastic Pref Pane.

Can we have the renamed partition reflected in the Boot Partition 
list in the Startup Disk tab? For instance, in the Boot Setup tab I 
rename my Windows7 partition to read 'Windows7', but it still reads 
'Untitled' in the Startup Disk list.

I have attached a screen shot of each to show what I mean.

If you need any further info on this then please ask.


Comment 1 by DieBuche, Feb 7, 2010

It be actually cool if the names in the startup list were editable. 
So u would just doubleclik, change the name & the pane does the 

Comment 2 by blackosx, Feb 7, 2010

Yes, that would be even better.

And while we're talking about changing options in the startup list 
with the pref pane doing the rest, then a checkbox against each 
partition to enable/disable the hiding of each partition would also 
be preferable.

Comment 3 by DieBuche, Feb 15, 2010

I just checked; it should work. What syntax are u using?
"hd(0,2) NewName" should do it.

Comment 4 by DieBuche, Feb 15, 2010

Could u build the latest rev& try with that?

Comment 5 by blackosx, Feb 15, 2010

I have built the latest version and yes I can confirm the renamed 
partition is now reflected in the list in the Startup Disk tab.

However, the new build only shows HFS+ partitions that contains a 
system and not my NTFS partition, so I no longer see my Cham and 
Chameleon partitions (which is good as I normally hide those 
anyway), or my Untitled partition which is the one I wanted to 
rename to Windows7. I have attached screenshots of each for 

Okay so I rename hd(1,3) to SL and it works, but then either 
unchecking the 'Rename Partitions' checkbox or removing the 'hd(1,3) 
SL' from the accompanying textbox still leaves the Boot Partition in 
the list in the Startup Disk tab reading SL? Where I would expect 
the list to be updated with the original disk name. Can this be 

Well done and thanks.

Comment 6 by DieBuche, Feb 16, 2010

The hiding of Cham/EFI partitions is intentional (u couldn't boot 
them anyway)

So your bootable Win7 Volume isn't shown? 
Could pm me the screens 
& a "diskutil list" 
& a "ls /Volumes/Untitled" (if that's ok with u) 
printout on insanely? I can't see the attachments here.

I know about the problem regarding the "unrenaming", but 
yet have to locate it in the source...

thx for checking back

Comment 7 by blackosx, Feb 16, 2010

No problems
PM sent :)

Comment 8 by DieBuche, Feb 16, 2010

Could u try now?, should be working..

Comment 9 by blackosx, Feb 16, 2010

Thank you Diebuche. 
It works great :)

Would you mind if throw something else in to the mix?

When I try to rename more than one partition using the following:
hd(0,4) Windows7 hd(0,3) Leopard

In the boot partition list in the Startup Disk tab
hd(0,4) gets renamed to 'Windows7 hd(0,3) Leopard'
hd(0,3) gets renamed to 'Leopard'

it also happens if I try without spaces:
hd(0,4)Windows7 hd(0,3)Leopard

Should there be a separator that I am missing? or can you show me 
how to do it?

Comment 10 by DieBuche, Feb 16, 2010

It's a semicolon :) I'll put it in the tooltip.

Comment 11 by blackosx, Feb 16, 2010

Thank you again. A semicolon works great :)

Comment 12 by scrax scrax, Feb 19, 2010

I've tried the last build and if I double click the name in the list 
they show another line other the first name, check the screenshot 
Renaming from the list is still not working.

Comment 13 by Rekursor, Nov 16, 2011

rename directly from the tabview is a new feature not a bug.
you can rename whatever part you wish from the boot setup page.
Status: Fixed

Comment 14 by Rekursor, Dec 4, 2011

added this feature

Created: 10 years 8 months ago by blackosx

Updated: 8 years 10 months ago

Status: Fixed

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