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Issue 5: Die Buche branch: Visualization Problems

Reported by scrax scrax, Jan 31, 2010

I have the already mentioned problem with side menu not localized, 
and at first start selecting the second panel at first doesn't load 
anything, after selecting another panel ad reselecting the second 
again it works with no problem.

Another little problem is that the field for the word are not longer 
enough in my localization and so some translation are cut, but i've 
managed to expand the clipping box

Here are the new file

Comment 1 by scrax scrax, Jan 31, 2010

I forgot to mention that also the side-menu is not showing the right 
localization it's still in english.

Comment 2 by scrax scrax, Jan 31, 2010

I've added the new line to the italian xib but I noticed that Use 
nvidia ROM and Use ATI Rom are not grey if the panel is locked. 
SystemType is also visible too early...

Here are my last localizations:

Comment 3 by DieBuche, Jan 31, 2010

"Use nvidia ROM and Use ATI Rom are not grey"
This is because the buttons are not linked yet, clicking on them 
won't do anything. Will be fixed soon.

It's because the list is in the code, i'll add localizable strings.

I expanded all fields to their maximum size in the next commit

Comment 4 by scrax scrax, Feb 1, 2010

If the next commit is the 97 it's all good.
For now (commit 96) they are still to short and i've manually 
adapted them in the localized .xib
I've also changed some translation to make them shorter so to have 
similar line lenght to the English ones.

Then you have done with the size of the fields i think this issue 
could be closed.

Comment 5 by scrax scrax, Feb 2, 2010

RC3 working good!
we can close this issue i think

Comment 6 by DieBuche, Feb 14, 2010

Status: Fixed

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Status: Fixed

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