Issue 188: iCloud problem

Reported by Yann Quéniart, Oct 7, 2011

Hello, on some hardware with chameleon boot loader we have an error 
on iCloud login : This Apple ID is valid but is not an iCloud 

What we have test :
- The account is ok, test on a real mac and iPhone
- the SMBios.plist is normally ok, MacOS Lion think the computer is 
a real MacPro3,1
- ethernet card is correctly build-in (with option in 
org.chameleon.boot.plist and test with EFI string)
- We have change for a PCI NIC based on intel chipset, same problem 
(the internal NIC is RTL 8111C, Gigabyte EP45-DS3LR) and we have try 
with different next the internal NIC.
- The DSDT is tuned but normally ok (C-states added and other stuff)

Some people on forum who have the problem make working iCloud by 
changing the boot loader with Chimera 1.5.4, I can't test myself 
because Chimera is based on chameleon 2.0 rev 1394 and my system 
with Lion need minimum version of chameleon 1494.

I have actually boot loader 1598.

Comment 1 by Yann Quéniart, Oct 7, 2011

We have a thread on forum :

Some people on thus thread have iCloud working, some not and some 
have solve the problem with Chimera boot loader.

Comment 2 by Yann Quéniart, Oct 7, 2011

Problem found, I have try every build of chameleon.

Result : iCloud don't work with a version higher than 1497 and work 
with a version lower than 1496

Conclusion a bug was introduce since the version 1497

Hope this will help you

Comment 3 by Yann Quéniart, Oct 7, 2011

The part of the introduce in build 1493 for FaceTime fix solve the 
problem :
static const char const BOOT_UUID_PROP[] = "boot-uuid";
 //Facetime fix start
    Node              *ChoosenNode;
    if (gBootVolume->fs_getuuid && 
gBootVolume->fs_getuuid (gBootVolume, uuidStr) == 0)
        ChoosenNode = DT__FindNode("/chosen", false);
        DT__AddProperty(ChoosenNode,  BOOT_UUID_PROP, 64, uuidStr);
    //Facetime fix end

This code is a problem for raid users so the code have been deleted 
in build 1497.

I don't know if you can activate the function permanently without 
cause problem for RAID users.

If you can't perhaps an activation of the FaceTime fix in 
org.chameleon.boot.plist can solve this issue.

Comment 4 by And G., Oct 12, 2011

I would love to see a fix that would work for raid users...

Comment 5 by Tommy mui, Oct 15, 2011

yes, raid, same here too.

Comment 6 by Wilson, Oct 17, 2011

I'm another RAID user affected by this problem. With an Apple 
software RAID setup you have each RAID Disk's efi partition pointing 
to a single RAID volume. This facetime fix must be grabbing the uuid 
of one of the random RAID disks, whereas it needs to grab the UUID 
of the RAID volume.

Comment 7 by Cosmosis Jones, Oct 18, 2011
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