Issue 20: SMBIOS Off

Reported by THe KiNG, Apr 15, 2010


I'd like to have the option in to turn off all 
SMBIOS patches.
Right now if no Smbios.plist is found chameleon automatic inject 
SMBIOS data, and that is wrong IMHO...
I need this on my tests.


Comment 1 by Azimutz, May 1, 2010

THe KING, you need to read the Help file.
If you still didn't found out, SMBIOSdefaults=n :)

Comment 2 by THe KiNG, May 1, 2010

As far I know that feature was not there... ;)

Comment 3 by Azimutz, May 2, 2010

eheh.. happens to me a lot too. Just been reading to much lately ;)

Comment 4 by Evan Lojewski, Jul 10, 2011

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