Issue 230: Hopefully chameleon could provide an option that ignores certain driver in the /Extra/Extensions folder

Reported by zhang teng, Mar 9, 2012

The Mac OS X lion on my PC will get a panic during booting when 
there is no network access. So I need to remove the Ethernet kext 
driver from /Extra/Extensions each time. An ignoring selected 
drivers option will greatly help me. Anyway, thanks to the 
developers of chameleon!

Comment 1 by Jeremy Agostino, Mar 13, 2012

Can you describe exactly what you want to happen a litte more? It 
sounds like you want to be able to specify in the additional boot 
arguments the name of a kext that you don't want to load on the 
current boot.

I'm not immediately familiar with the kext-related parts of 
Chameleon but I don't see why that couldn't be done. The only 
problem I can think of is what to do about the kext cache. If a kext 
needed to be disabled for that boot then the /E/E cache would have 
to be ignored.

Do typical Lion hacks even use the cache?

Comment 2 by Cosmosis Jones, May 7, 2012

Status: WontFix

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Status: WontFix

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