Issue 271: Geforce 8400GS (0x10de06e4) Please add.

Reported by Osxfr33k, Jul 22, 2012

I had no problems in Lion 10.7.1 but in 10.8 I had to add the id's 
to nvdanv50hal to get full acceleration.  I think these two oem's 
are somewhat popular.  I know you guys are swamped but Azimutz added 
a mobile graphics card over a year ago for me and worked out great 
and now very popular GTX 560M.

Zotec and Galaxy 512Mb

Geforce 8400 GS

Vendor= Nvidia (ox10de)
Device = 0x06e4
Revision = 0x00a1

Comment 1 by ErmaC , Jul 22, 2012

PLS provide more info.

Your card ID is already present in the nvidia chameleon injector.
{ 0x10DE06E4,	NV_SUB_IDS,	"GeForce 8400 GS" },

So about this issue is not relate to chameleon but is relate to a 
missed ID into the nvidia's Kext.
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Comment 2 by Osxfr33k, Jul 23, 2012

I searched the source but maybe I missed it.  Ok then close this 
thread.  Thanks

Comment 3 by ErmaC , Jul 24, 2012

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