Issue 33: Had you considered migrating to

Reported by Ronnie D, Sep 2, 2010

I wonder if had you considered migrating the project to 
(Either keeping SVN or upgrading to Git)
 It might be easier for people to contribute or even follow the 

 * Just a thought anyway, you can remove this if it's improper. 
Sorry, I didn't know how/where to ask.

 Best regards, Ronnie D.

Comment 1 by Kabyl, Sep 2, 2010

How would that make it easier?

Any issues with the current forge?

Comment 2 by Ronnie D, Sep 2, 2010 have some very nice features such as:

- Easy commenting, inline code commenting
- Ease of creating/comparing a branch/fork
- Cleaner 'Master Tree'(main repo)
- Simple 'Download Source' button
- etc

- Git by itself it's more powerful, faster and usually the whole 
repository uses less storage than a single SVN checkout

 Sorry if I'm not helping, but it could help to get things even more 
organized, to easily keep the sources updated into our computers and 
reaching you people out when needed.
 I know a migration can be a big deal, but it may worth the try and 
I had to ask.

* Just a correction: I think you must use Git to use github ( SVN 
Importing: )

* Using rev 473 right now, no bugs noticed besides the 'typo', I 
assume, in 'doc/README' -> './fdisk440' (lines 33, 54 and 55)

Comment 3 by mozo, Sep 2, 2010

github would be cool. But, where is no XCode integration also I 
didn't found any good GUI tool for git on Mac OS X...

Comment 4 by Ronnie D, Sep 2, 2010


I've heard that Git/github integration is coming in XCode future 

But It's ok guys, maybe someday...

Comment 5 by scrax scrax, Sep 11, 2010

fdisk440 is not o typo' it's a modded fdisk. If I'm not wrong it 
writes only the first 440something (byte?)

Comment 6 by mozo, Sep 14, 2010

Hmm I've read about GIT some... It much improved then SVN. In SVN we 
have many brunches and it's not so simple to merge somebody's work 
into main tread or another brunch. But with GIT we could do it. If i 
understand right, we could start testing treads and after finish 
simply integrate(merge) this treads into main tread and so on. I 
think we could try at least. Need to learn how to use but GIT could 
bring us more convenience in the near future or maybe at start :)

Comment 7 by Cosmosis Jones, Jun 2, 2011

meh. lion coming.
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