Issue 369: Revision not displayed in compiled boot binary after r2375

Reported by Konstantinos Giannakas, Mar 13, 2014

Hello to all the team, I have been cloning the main TRUNK of the 
project to my computer (via and compile the 
binaries every few new releases, via Terminal and Xcode command 

I have been keeping may of the latest "boot" binaries as a 
backup for compatibility issues, if they arise, and mark them 
accordingly to their revision.

But after successfully compiling svn-r2375 (sync'ed with web svn 
here) the release svn-r2377 does not appear to have properly set the 
release version in some file. Build 2377 compiles OK, but upon 
reboot, there is a truncated version, no number appears (on menu) 
and when looking inside the binary, we get the following (in 

svn-r2375 inside says:
Chameleon 2.2svn (svn-r2375) [2014-02-08 17:38:42]

svn-r2377 inside says:
Chameleon 2.2svn (svn-r) [2014-03-13 23:02:01]

I think the update to v2377 has resulted to some VERSION file not 
being properly updated; I cannot find which file, I am sorry...

I only noticed file vers.h that's created AFTER compilation, it 
mentions inside:

#define I386BOOT_VERSION "5.0.132"
#define I386BOOT_BUILDDATE "2014-03-13 23:02:01"
#define I386BOOT_CHAMELEONVERSION "2.2svn"

But I cannot find the origin of this missing REVISION.

Thanks for your time.

Created: 9 years 11 months ago by Konstantinos Giannakas

Status: New