Issue 90: AMD Radeon 6370M not working.

Reported by Dmitry Korotkov, Jun 18, 2011

This card just a rebranded ATI Mobility 5470 from CEDAR Family with 
same features, firmware, clocks and underhood.

lspci -nnvd 0x1002: | grep -B2 Subsystem

01:00.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: ATI Technologies Inc 
Robson CE [AMD Radeon HD 6300 Series] [1002:68e4] (prog-if 00 [VGA 
	Subsystem: ASUSTeK Computer Inc. Unknown device [1043:1c92]

01:00.1 Audio device [0403]: ATI Technologies Inc Manhattan HDMI 
Audio [Mobility Radeon HD 5000 Series] [1002:aa68]
	Subsystem: ASUSTeK Computer Inc. Unknown device [1043:aa68]

Comment 1 by Dmitry Korotkov, Jun 18, 2011

This patch should make it work, but as of I'm very new to Mac 
Development i can't get binary to test it. Can anyone build it?

Comment 2 by Azimutz, Jun 18, 2011

Hi Dmitry... I can't find this dev id on Apple kexts so,
even if we add the dev id to the booter you'll have to
do some patching to get it working; are you aware of that?
Anyway, i'll add the device to a test booter so you can
at least try it. Follow the link below for instructions
on how to get the file:

I'm going to change the archive name to

See ya later...
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Comment 3 by Azimutz, Jun 19, 2011

Dmitry, archive is posted; it's just the boot file.

Comment 4 by Dmitry Korotkov, Jun 19, 2011

OK, I quickly tested it. Bootloader make work as expected,
but now I have black screen due to LVDS connector hell even with 
modified plist inside ATI5000 kext. VGA connector works as expected. 
So regular 5470M stuff.
 I'll try to get it finally works later.

Comment 5 by Azimutz, Jun 20, 2011

Nice. Did it work without bin patch ATIRadeonX3000??

Laptops and LVDS are indeed hell, based on what i've read around. I 
will probably have to deal with that soon; got an Acer 
AS5742G-488G75Mnkk to play with now.

I'll take a better look at this stuff soon, specially the 
framebuffers. Just need to update my booter so i can get my test 
setup back in line; it depends totally on the changes i made to it. 
I'll probably finish that this night and then it's on to ATI modules 

I'll post news when i have.

Comment 6 by Azimutz, Jun 22, 2011

Dmitry, please take a peek at the link below.

Thank you very much for your spotless feedback :)
Status: Fixed

Comment 7 by Azimutz, Jul 31, 2011

Hi Dmitry,

since you didn't provided more feedback and
afaik this device id is not supported by Apple's drivers ootb, i'm 
going to remove it from the trunk's code. I will still keep it in 
the package hosted at this topic (linked on the link above):,1959.0.html

... but not for long.
Stay safe...

Comment 8 by brandon bowlin, Oct 5, 2011

Is this considered useful and has qe/ci support? 
id like to use it and can offer any thing you guys need , i have a 
6370m but it also has a intel card beside it.

Comment 9 by Azimutz, Oct 7, 2011

Brandon, if your card's device id is the same as Dmitry's (68e4), 
Chameleon's GraphicsEnabler won't give you qe/ci, unless you know 
how to "bin patch" Apple's drivers to add the device.
If you have a different device id, look on the info.plist inside 
ATIRadeonX3000.kext for it; if it's there, open a new issue with 
your card's details.. this one is closed.

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