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tree artwork 8 years 8 months 1995 blackosx: Add Mountain Lion device icons for the default theme to support rev 1990.
tree Chameleon.xcodeproj 8 years 10 months 1927 ifabio: Update Chameleon.xcodeproj Package: - Correct a doble quotes into hu.po file - Update cs.po file
tree doc 8 years 9 months 1950 cosmo1t: Added EnableHDMIAudio flag and added it to nvidia.c Need to still do ati
tree i386 8 years 8 months 2001 cosmo1t: { 0x6719, 0x31221682, CHIP_FAMILY_CAYMAN, "AMD Radeon HD 6950", kGibba },
tree package 8 years 7 months 2002 ifabio: Package: it.po and cs.po update. (typo and missed translations)
blob APPLE_LICENSE 11 years 1 month 1 zef: Created base layout and initial import to trunk using r687. 19.83 kB
blob BLOCKERS 9 years 7 months 1172 meklort: Updated Blockers file. Will be migrated to forge's issues page soon. 777 bytes
blob Cconfig 9 years 9 months 881 meklort: Remove dependencies on system inlcudes. Mkaefile system reworked. Makefile system now uses the kconfig utility from linux to configure thing such a debug support, modules, embeded theme, etc. NOTE: selecting modules in the configuration currently does nothing, however it will soon alow you to compile modules directly into chameleon is so desired 88 bytes
blob CHANGES 9 years 2 months 1738 cparm: Added OS dtection to the gui, Updated the default theme 5.16 kB
blob coding_standards.txt 11 years 1 month 23 rekursor: Merged modifications from my branch to trunk as requested by Zef. This includes asere patch with few modifications /bug fixes. Included JrCs coding standard name convention change. See CHANGES file for details. 2.62 kB
blob CREDITS 8 years 9 months 1945 cosmo1t: fixed duplicate turbo credits applied mingys changes (and modified that 1 section of code that loads PRAM/PROM/ROM) 528 bytes
blob GPL_V2_LICENSE 10 years 7 months 231 rekursor: Added a full copy of GPL V2 license and fixed a typo in the README file 18.09 kB
blob Make.rules 9 years 4 days 1830 meklort: Cause chameleon to build with gcc instead of cc, aka, llvm-gcc-4.2 instead of clang on xcode 4.3 5.08 kB
blob Makefile 9 years 2 months 1756 jrcs: Improved buildpkg script - Make the script more robust against errors - Replace misleading variables 5.04 kB
blob MEMTEST86_LICENSE 10 years 7 months 226 rekursor: New pci mem detection handling oc speed 1.25 kB
blob README 10 years 7 months 231 rekursor: Added a full copy of GPL V2 license and fixed a typo in the README file 382 bytes
blob README.translators 8 years 11 months 1855 jrcs: Update buildpkg script to translate automaticaly the project 1.27 kB
blob TODO 9 years 7 months 1134 meklort: Update TODO 3.43 kB
blob version 9 years 2 months 1753 blackosx: Merge recent package installer changes from my branch in to trunk. Includes updates to Credits, installation log messages and localizable strings. Check for existence of EFI system partition before running the check for previous Chameleon installations. Only backup /Extra folder if necessary when running upgrade install. 6 bytes

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