Issue 155: Generate P/C States not working

Reported by Travis Place, Aug 22, 2011

Steps to reproduce the problem:
1. Add relevant GeneratePStates and GenerateCStates lines to 
2. Reboot
3. sysctl -a |grep cpufrequency
4. cpufrequency_max and _min are the same as _current.

Expected result:

Working Speedstepping

Actual result:

Non-working Speedstepping.

Other Notes:
If i use VoodooPStates.kext instead of the above lines, 
Speedstepping works, and sysctl shows 2.0/2.33/2.66GHz pstates.

Comment 1 by Trauma Tron, Aug 22, 2011

Same result on a MacBookPro:

hw.cpufrequency = 2400000000
hw.cpufrequency: 2400000000
hw.cpufrequency_min: 2400000000
hw.cpufrequency_max: 2400000000

This is totally normal, check out voltage, temp and frequency with 
fakesmc monitors.

Comment 2 by Cosmosis Jones, Aug 23, 2011

until there is posted proof of cstates/pstates not working this is 
going to be closed.

proof consist\s of dumps of your ssdt tables and ioreg and bdmesg of 
booting w/ cstate/pstate gen = yes
an dwithout
and without but + pstate.kext.
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