Issue 170: Wrong QPI (Bus speed) in System profiler

Reported by Carlos Rodríguez, Sep 2, 2011

The steps to reproduce the problem: Use any build of Chameleon 2.0 
and 2.1.

The version of the software and your operating system: Lion 10.7.1

Any information that can help the developers to solve the issue: 
When using Chameleon as bootloader my QPI speed is detected as 5.8 
GT/s when it should be 4.8 GT/s. I'm attaching my DSDT.aml

My CPU is a Core i5 760 overclocked at 3.41GHz. I'm sure my QPI is 
4.8GT/s. Everything else in my system is detected properly (memory 
speeds and manufacturer).

Here are my other details:
eVGA P55 Micro SLI
Corsair 2GB DDR3 1600 x2
Geforce GTS 450 1024MB

I have almost everything set through DSDT. Using Chameleon 2.1 RC 

Comment 1 by Carlos Rodríguez, Sep 2, 2011

EDIT: solved adding Smbussped=4800 to my smbios.plist.

Although I think it should be detected by the bootloader itself.

Please close this issue or find out how it could detect properly the 
BUS speed.

I forgot, I have an iMac 11,3 SMbios.

Comment 2 by MacMan, Sep 2, 2011

When you over clock the FSB on a P55 system the QPI is also over 
clocked. On Gigabyte P55 motherboards the BIOS shows the operating 
QPI speed.
Status: WontFix

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